Thursday, March 10, 2005

Why you should never invite a cuttlefish to dinner

Although I'm interested in all cephalopods, I've been learning the most about cuttlefish because that's what we have the most here at MRC. And one thing I've noticed is that cuttlefish have absolutely atrocious table manners. As I may have mentioned, nearly everyone gets fed once a day in the morning. When I arrive, everything is calm and quiet in cuttlefishville. Once they see me coming, a few curious individuals will perk up and wonder when they will get their breakfast.

However, bedlam quickly ensues once I break out the fish. It's no-more-Mr.-Nice-Cuttlefish as everyone rushes to get their share and their neighbor's share if they can manage it.

No one thinks twice about stealing a piece of food or two even if they are currently munching on some already. And if another cuttlefish nabs the piece of fish you were going for, then they may just as easily become a tasty morsel. If a cuttlefish is lucky, he can dodge and escape using ink blobs. If he's not, he can end up badly scarred.

And just as quickly as it started, the mad dash for food is over.

Everyone goes back to their corner until the next cuttlefish quibble. Of course, no one bothers to clean up after themselves.

Instead, they leave their discarded leftovers intermingled with their waste for me to take care of for them. For those of you who've never seen it, this picture is cuttlefish poop.

And what do I get for my trouble? Ink in the face. Ungrateful creatures. Instead of cuttlefish, they should be called cuttlepigs.


At 11:33 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Since you have a tank full of gentle cuttlefish, does that mean than The Monarch is going to blow your head off ?


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