Thursday, February 03, 2005

Week 1, Day 4

The cephalopods in the lab eat a variety of food such as capelin, herring, and squid, depending on what's on hand. When it was time to prepare some more, I decided to do it myself, as after all, I'm the one responsible for them during my internship. The menu for today consisted of capelin.

I discovered the joys of preparing this savory dish for the cephalopods, of which there are none, at least not for me. Everyone else seemed to enjoy it though.

Dr. Hanlon held a lab meeting in the afternoon to discuss current research projects and future ideas for projects, which include the reflective properties of skin,the abilities to control the "whiteness" of skin through leucophores, the evocation of the mottled pattern, and the testing for colorblindess in Sepia officinalis. He went over where everyone was and where everyone needed to be in their respective responsibilities. Even I was given some tasks to complete, which mainly include helping Lydia and Alex (a graduate student) with their projects by running experiments and collecting data. Lydia plans on continuing a study into testing colorblindness by using blue and yellow checkerboard substrates and Alex is working with the ontogentic development of the disruptive pattern.


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